Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Areas of Need and Prayer

Hi again friends,

I'm asked so often what someone can do to help and I really don't have a definite answer at the time or don't want to put someone on the spot for something they are unable to help with. So, I'll list some things that have been weighing on my mind along with areas where we need prayer.

Firewood: A friend of Mike's mom lives in Hillsboro and has offered us some firewood but we need to haul it. We need the assistance of a truck and another set of hands to coordinate schedules with Trevor and the owner. We are down to our last few days of wood from RHCC treehouse and the Heuschkels.

Tatum's Birthday: Tatum turns 9 this Friday, already! Long before Mike got sick, I had agreed that she could have her usual birthday party and Tatum really wanted us to host a "Super Hero" party for both Tualatin and Wilsonville friends on Saturday the 19th. Now, we don't have the space for a party with a hospital bed in our main living space, I don't have the energy to create this fun party since I would have normally spent December working on it bit by bit, and no one can afford the $200+ that most places charge to host kids birthday parties these days! We've let Tatum know the Super Hero party won't happen this year but she's still hopeful for something, so I need ideas or a magical birthday fairy!

Prayers for Mike: Our biggest concern right now is getting Mike back to health with strength and stamina, so he can return to work. We ask for prayers for a full and complete recovery.

Big Praise: I took Mike to Kaiser today and his IV line was removed! We've finished with the IV medication unless we're told differently at his next appt. on the 21st.

Thank you all for your sweet concern and care. A burden shared is light indeed.



Dorothy said...

Shawnee and Mike - I'm continuing to pray for you!