Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miracle "Drug"

You are looking at a modern miracle drug --- the humble Bag Balm!

Mike's mom, Karen, called and reminded us that bag balm is an antiseptic and suggested we try it on his healing leg. So, two nights ago, we tentatively rubbed some into his leg and foot, popped a sock on it and went to sleep. Come morning, his skin was remarkably smooth, all the flaking was gone and it looked 100% better.

Last night, we slathered it on both feet like there was no tomorrow!!! Wow, this morning, the skin just looks so fresh and new, like a baby's. Thanks for the great idea, Karen! Those dairy farmers sure have a secret weapon.

We do have a prayer request, and that is about our rental home/heating conditions. We need God's direction on how to proceed. Our newest electricity bill arrived and it was over $400 for December - and we were gone half the month at the hospital! And we are still freezing, heating only with the fireplace and new supposedly-energy-efficient space heaters! With that kind of utility bill along with the fact that we are paying storage fees because there is no garage at our current space, this has turned out to be a very expensive housing option for us even if Mike were working right now. We already close off half the rooms because they are like a refrigerator, so are living in a very small portion of this home. However, we love being out in the country, I'm grateful that we can still have animals (Dad's dog Ringo and sweet kitty Oliver), and I know that rental management firms wouldn't be excited about renting to us as we continue to struggle to recover from a long-term layoff and now disability. And, I'm very sad at the thought of making Tatum change schools AGAIN, and also overwhelmed at just the thought of physically moving again. We are feeling a bit lost about the right decision to make for the future, and we want to do God's will. I pray for clear direction for both of us. And, am so thankful for my dear friends who have been so supportive and generous in the midst of all this. Thank you.