Monday, January 14, 2008

On the Road to Recovery

What a difference a week can make! It feels like Mike is really on the road to recovery. In just the last few days, he's been able to be upright several hours a day without excruciating pain, is walking now with just a cane instead of the walker, and has actually driven the car for several short trips now that he's totally off of the prescription painkillers. He still needs the hospital bed and has his leg elevated for most of the day, but this is just such a relief.

Our goal and prayer is that he is able to be upright for at least eight hours without being totally wiped out so he can safely return to driving bus - soon. =)

I just want to publicly thank several people/groups for their kindness during this ordeal and especially lately - Milt, Connie, Don, Cindy, Sarah, Vicki, Denny, Kathy, Laurie, Jeff, Becky, Dee, Kati, Kathryn, Frank, Melinda, Jason, RHCC Treehouse and our Rolling Hills family. I apologize if I've missed anyone . To each of you, named or not, please know that your kindness and generosity has meant the world to us.