Thursday, January 17, 2008

How do you Know....?

How do you know it is cold outside.....

When the deer are leaning on the house to stay warm.

When the dog decides he can wait a little longer before he goes out to do his business.

When the Deer are gathering around the dryer vent on laundry day.

When the dog comes back in from doing his business the deer try to follow him.

When the cat looks at the front door and runs to hide in the bathroom ( near the oil heater).

When you have to put things in the refrigerator so they won't freeze.

How do you know it is cold inside.....

When cooking can change the weather inside the house.

When there is freezing fog from the bathroom after a shower.

When the cat starts romancing the oil heater in the bathroom.

When you realize the pile of laundry really is talking to you,
and it is your wife who is all bundled up.

When the liquid dish soap under the kitchen sink is really more of a semi-solid.

When you have to warm up the Bic-lighter to start a fire in the fireplace.

When butter in the butter dish will not soften.

How do you know when it is warm in the house.

When the dog and cat quit cuddling and start ignoring each other again.

When you can walk to the bathroom in the morning in a house-coat instead of ski jacket.

When my darling bride is only wearing 4 layers.

When my youngest child want to go to school in shorts.

How do you know when it is too warm in the house.
When the poinsettia start to bloom again.

When the dog would rather sit on the porch, and it is snowing.

When my darling bride is no longer wearing mittens and a third sweater.

When the stale crackers get crisp again.

When the neighbor is complaining about you setting off his fire alarm.

Hope you all enjoyed a little light humor from the other side Mike's mind.
After all if we can not have humor when we are down in life, do we really have it at all?

More serious posts tomorrow will be coming shortly.
Love to all and thanks for the support.