Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thanks and Praise

Mike here for the 2nd chance at adding to the blog. I am afraid I am not the writer that Shawnee had hope for. Having and running the blog is really much more her type of thing.
That said there are a few things I did want to say.

First and foremost thank you.
To All who have helped and prayed and called and sent well wishes, thank you.

As Shawnee mentioned earlier, the medications I am on do make concentration difficult and make me feel short of a normal IQ by about 30 points.

One of the ways I keep trying to focus is list what I am thankful for. So in no particular order this is my list so far.
God I am thankful for:
Ambulances and drivers, Firemen and medics who are congenial no matter how matter how you feel at the moment. Thanks for doctors who make their livelihood's trying to make people better.
Nurses, oh my yes, thanks for nurses. Men and women who deal with the most vile and utterly humiliating parts of human existence, yet smile and reassure you that all will be better. Those angels who arrive bearing painkillers and a glass of water, just as you begin to feel your appendages catch fire. They give empathy and understanding, and can still smile while cleaning up your messes.
Thanks to ministers and chaplains who bring hope even to those who look hopeless. They minister even to the patient whose bleeding liver wont stop because they refuse to stop drinking alcohol.
Thanks in particular for Pastor Dale. By his example I have learned to not be ashamed of showing my faith. Before I met Dale I might not have had the confidence to confront someone whose was belligerent to God. (I will elaborate on this story later).
Thanks for friends and family and for spouses. My wife is amazing. She has stepped up to be my nurse and maid and counselor. She has put down her own fear of IV's to learn how to give me my medications. There is no doubt in my mind that I made a good decision lo those 23 years ago.
More to follow , I have to recharge me and the computer as well...